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The Mares

Our mares are working girls!
We ride, use, and show these mares when they are not raising foals.

Our selection criteria:

1. Disposition - We like them and they like us. We handle the foals at birth so the mares have to be easy to work with. No kicking, biting or bad manners allowed.
2. Ability - They have to do what we want to do. We ask for versatility from our horses. They have to be gentle enough for visitors, yet athletic enough for speed and cattle events. We don't have a lot of time or money for showing, but we like to be competitive when we get there.
3. Conformation - Pretty is as pretty does. Bad conformation will limit how much the horse can be used and adds expenses for corrective shoeing. Good conformation leads to a long, useful life.
4. Trainability - Training is a major expense in the life of a horse. We like horses that are easily trained, they are just more willing.

Got a mare that fits our program? Contact us about a Mare-Share lease.

DJ Smarty Sue

DJ Smarty Sue
AQHA #5129403 - 2008 Bay Mare

Smarty Sue is a 14-3 hand mare with a nice build and nice to be around. She rides out nicely and has all the buttons from several months of reining training. We like the NCHA Hall of Famers on her papers: Smart Little Lena and Peppy San, High Brow Hickory and Freckles Playboy were also big winners. The NCHA earnings on the 3 generations on her papers comes to more than $1.1 million.

Smart Lil Cocoa Smart Lil Highbrow High Brow Hickory
Smart Little Kitty
Smart Fancy Lena Smart Little Lena
Docs Fancy Peppy
Pepy LaSue Peppys Deliverance Peppy San
Cee Lena
Playtime Sue Freckles Playboy
Lenas Susan

Zans Scarlet Lady

Zans Scarlet Lady
AQHA #2710327 - 1988 Sorrel Mare

Annie has been a great riding mare that anyone can ride. She is 15-2 and very well built. Her foals have her good looks and are very smart. She has a show record with wins in halter, western pleasure, and barrels. Her sire was a World Champion in Jr. Heeling and also has points in working cow, western pleasure, and halter. Her papers are loaded with halter and performance points. Zan Parr Bar and Two Eyed Jack are known as a "golden cross" for roping horses.

Zan Gold Jack Zan Parr Bar Par Three
Terry's Pal
Miss Goldie Jack Two Eyed Jack
Midnight Gold
Two Eyed Pep Up Two Eyed Jack Two D Two
Triangle Tookie
Cooksey's Pep Up Beaver Pep Up
Cooksey Lady

Poco Copper Star

Poco Copper Star
AQHA #3696963 - 1998 Sorrel Mare

C Star is a great riding mare, about 16 hands tall. She ropes, sorts, pens and loves to work cattle. She never gets outrun in the roping pen, but is calm in the box. Stout enough for any size of rider and a solid ranch horse. Anyone can ride her, but she is not a babysitter. She's a mare that likes a job.

Calhoun Royal Buckskin Boy Bee Line by King
Lady Blackburn VII
Bucksy Bubbles Groff's Rocky
Nancy Martin
Poco Impressive Star Impressive Deck Jr Impressive Deck
Royal Billie Bar
Poco Skippie Jean Lone River
Dodie Jean Twist

Cee Kay Jean

Cee Kay Jean
AQHA #3823286 - 1999 Chestnut Mare (leased)

Jean is about 14-2 hands tall. She is well behaved and nice to have around. Freckles Playboy and Smooth Herman (by Jet Smooth) were Champion Cutting horses. She also has Watch Joe Jack, our favorite Two Eyed Jack son, on her papers.

Pick Play Freckles Playboy Jewel's Leo Bars
Gay Jay
Kittys Destiny Smooth Herman
Docs Kitty
Jackie Jeans Babe FM Kelly Watch Joe Jack
Annielee's Dream
Bonny Eyed Jackie Jack Eyed
Sego Star Babe

Bee A Fancy Fantasy

Bee A Fancy Fantasy
AQHA #3909733 - 2000 Gray Mare

Fancy is 15 hands and well built - an eye catching gray mare. She is a double grand daughter of AQHA Hall of Fame "Jackie Bee". She won halter classes as a weanling, now she is a solid ranch mare that can rope and do most jobs. She's calm to ride but able to kick in some speed and power for roping and cattle events. 95% Foundation with FQHR.

Tee J Jaycee Jack Jackie Bee Jimmy Mac Bee
Jackie Diane
Jaycee Miss Susie Sassy Three
Miss Hackberry
Tee J Sweet Willa Jackie Bee Jimmy Mac Bee
Jackie Diane
Miss Willow Bar Barzal
Mary Wilson

Baby Bar Bubbles

Baby Bar Bubbles
AQHA #3673390 - 1998 Chestnut Mare

Bubbles really works off her rear quarters, lots of great moves. She is 14-3 hands tall and nicely built. Zan Parr Bar, Two Eyed Jack and Blondy Dude on her papers for looks and athletic ability.

Zans Two Tone Zan Parr Bar Par Three
Terry's Pal
Omega Two Tone Two Eyed Jack
Kim a Tone
Blondys Bubbles Dudes Booger Blondy's Dude
Boogers Breeze
My Lady Bubbles Bar Duck
Bonnie Bubbles

Rosa Bee Docs

BCC Rosa Bee Docs
AQHA #4226813 - 2002 Bay Mare

Rosa is a cute 14-2 hands tall. Rides out on trails, teaches beginners, competes at fun shows, and sorts cattle. Fast walk and smooth trot make her fun to ride. Docs Malbec, Doc Bar, and Jackie Bee on her papers for plenty of ability.

Little Red Poco Doc Doc's Malbec Doc Bar
Isla Tivio
Sugs Buckie Bueno Sugs George
Buckie Bueno
Last Tee Tee Jay Sue Boy Jackie Bee
Tee Jay Sue Bar
Last Cast Forecast To

BCC Docs Penny

BCC Docs Penny
AQHA #4528455 - 2004 Bay Mare

Penny is 15 hands tall and built to be an athlete. She is honest and very responsive under saddle. We're hoping to really put some miles on her this year. Should be a good all around ranch type horse. Plenty of speed and agility for sorting and penning, enough size to do some roping. Fast walk and smooth trot make her fun to trail ride. Doc's Malbec was the 1977 California Reined Cow Horse World Champion Stallion.

Little Red Poco Doc Docs Malbec Doc Bar
Isla Tivio
Sugs Buckle Bueno Sugs George
Buckie Beuno
Poco Copper Star Calhoun Royal Buckskin Boy
Bucksy Bubbles
Poco Impressive Star Impressive Deck Jr
Poco Skippie Jean

Frosty Freckles Lady

Frosty Freckles Lady
AQHA #4748293 - 2005 Sorrel Mare (leased)

Little Ann is 14-3 hands tall. She is very fast, out runs most of the herd when she wants to. She has been started under saddle, but turned out to be a broodmare. Her sire is a barrel racing horse, Sunfrost and speed on the top of her papers, cutting great "Colonel Freckles" on the bottom.

Queen Fox Frost Kens Twisty Frost Sun Frost
Miss Twisty Jet
Queen Fox Eight Classy Two Fox
Queen B Clover Bar
Freckles Lady Ann Mr Senor Freckles Colonel Freckles
Sunny Senora
Tico Leo Ann Leo Podomas
Royal Mate

Jaks Mac Rose
AQHA Registered - 1999 Red Dun Mare

Rose is 15-1 hands tall and has the looks of a halter mare. Don't be fooled by those good looks, she has a performance pedigree with Boston Mac and Docs Benito Bars. She rides out nice, very willing with plenty of speed.

Jaks Bonito Buddy Bonito Bar Mark Doc's Benito Bar
Leonora Bar
Jaks Hollywood Lady Jaks Majestic Gold
Jaks Lady Leo King
Chicago Mae Hope Chicago Mac Boston Mac
Our Vandy Jo
KD Satin Lace Skip Badlands 558
Skip's Satin Lace

Deenas Lil Champ
AQHA #4243826 - 2002 Dun Mare

Bailey is a 15 hand light golden mare with black mane and tail, everyone thinks she is a buckskin. Blackburn and Poco breeding, she has the classic foundation quarterhorse muscling that those lines are known for. We like her solid build and the way she can work off her hind quarters.

Poco Blackburn Champ Mr Blackburn Champ Mr Blackburn 41
Grannys Poco Doc Clarks Poco Doc
Tom Thumbs Miss
Lil Reo Revenge Skippin Lil Leo Zippin Skip
Zippo Target Leo
Cameos Revenge Skippers Revenge
Cameo Bon Leo

RNC Docs Shiner
AQHA #5078998 - 2008 Sorrel Mare

Shiner is a 14-2 hand mare with lots of quickness and balance. She can rock back on her hocks and change directions, then be off the other way in a flash. Shining Spark on her papers, top and bottom. Grand sire, Shake Shiver N Shine, was a world champion roping horse. Lots of reining and working cow horse winners in her pedigree.

Shake A Day Shake Silver N Shine Shining Spark
Continental Jane
Sodak Bar Fe Barths Bar Leo
Miss Texas Fe
RNC Tivios Spark The Shine Shining Spark
Corolla Kay
Liz Cee Tivio Docs Adonis
Lou C Tivio

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