Little Red Poco Doc

AQHA - NFQHA (81% Foundation)
WFQHA (91% Foundation)


Doc is one of the sweetest tempered horses you'll find, most people don't realize he is a stud. He trail rides, parade rides, team sorts, and team ropes. His foals are being noticed for their calm disposition, athletic ability, and versatility.

We believe it is important that a stallion not pass on genetic defects. Doc was tested N/N for GBED (Glycogen branching enzyme deficiency) and N/N for HERDA (Hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia) by the UC Davis Lab.

He has been Sold to Donna and Adam Hudson of New London, Missouri but we have foals available and more in the future.

Doc at Work
Bruce Smith heeling on Doc

Little Red Poco Doc

1999 Bay Stallion
AQHA #3846770

Doc's Malbec Doc Bar Lightning Bar
Dandy Doll
Isla Tivio Poco Tivio
Sugs Buckie Bueno Sug's George Doc's Sug
Georges Mojo Gold
Buckie Bueno Poco Tejona
Darlin Buck

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